The Office of the Bursar, Kalyani Mahavidyalaya.

Bursar: Mr. Manoj Sharma, M. Com.,

Associate Professor, Department of Commerce.


A Bursar is an individual who is responsible for financial administration within the college. The role of Bursar is often related to the manager of the financial activities of the college. Typically candidates for the position of Bursar will have a background in finance and people management, and have skills in managing large budgets. As well as the financial duties the role could also involve aspects of other areas including administrative responsibilities.

 Bursar Job Role Activities

In the role of Bursar, he/she will be reporting directly to the Principal of the college and perhaps have lines of communication with Governing Body of the college. 

Tasks may include:

  1. Responsible for management accounts of the college.
  2. Setting financial policies and procedures.
  3. Management of budget and other resources.
  4. Payroll duties.
  5. Provide regular updates to principal and Governing body on financial performance.
  6. Writing funding bids.
  7. Identifying opportunities to generate income using college assets.