National Service Scheme

National Service Scheme

This year our college under NSS have taken part in various activities. Most important activities performed by NSS volunteers are mentioned bellow:

NSS observed several International and national days/weeks. This includes:

Day Observed:

1.Health Check up2. Training of Yoga3. Quiz competition about health consciousness4. Street Drama ( About Health Conciousness)5. Survey of village by volunteer6. Campaign about health consciousness

19th November, 2016
 National Integration Day.

Seminar on ‘National Integration Day’.

20th November, 2016Welfare of Minorities DayCampaigning of Health Consciousness among Minority area in Iswaripur.
21th November, 2016Weaker Section DayAwareness programme on different Scholarship among SC/ST/Women (Weaker Section) in Horizon Palli.
22th November, 2016Weaker Section DaySeminar on ‘Celebrating Weaker Section Day’.
23th November, 2016Cultural Unity DayCelebration of ‘Cultural Unity Day’ through ‘Cultural Competition’ in Kalyani Mahavidyalaya..
24th November, 2016Women’s DayRally in Ghoshpara locality for making awareness about ‘women’s education and empowerment’.
25th November, 2016Conservation DayMedicinal Tree Plantation for environmental conservation
10th December World Human Rights Day
23/03/2017Sustha Bharat

(Objective : To make healthy India)

1.Demonstrative Lecture on

“Health and Hygiene”.

2. Training of school children about healthy life style by trained student volunteer.

3. Projection of movie about “Health and Hygiene”.

24/03/2017Sachetan Bharat

(Objective: To inculcate awareness about necessary topic)

1. Demonstrative Lecture

2. Speech for student guardian and villagers about different awareness

3. Survey of villages in adjoining area of the camp regarding health and other related matters by NSS volunteers.

25/03/2017Srijanshil  Bharat

(Objective: To make developed India by nurturing creativity)

1. Speech on ‘Development of India’.

2. Demonstration of creativity.

3. Blood group test of village children .

26/03/2017Sukhi Bharat (Objective: To remove diseases)1.Health Check-up for old villagers
27/03/2017Swachha Bharat (Objectives: To make clean India)1.School cleaning

2. Hand wash programme

3.  Drawing competition.

4. Demonstrative lecture about the objectives of NSS

28/03/2017Sasthapurna Bharat (To build strong and healthy India)1.Health Check up

2. Training of Yoga

3. Quiz competition about health Consciousness

4. Street Drama ( About Health Conciousness)

5. Survey of village by volunteer

6. Campaign about health consciousness

29/03/2017Sabujayita Bharat

(Objective: To make sustainable development)

1.Tree Plantation

2.  Quiz competition on Environmental issues

1st September, 2017Clean Campus DasCampus cleaning
2nd September, 2017Clean hostel/class room DayClassroom cleaning
3rd September, 2017Green Campus DayTree plantation
4th September, 2017Clean Mess DayClean Canteen
5th September, 2017Essay Contest on ‘Innovative ways for spreading the message of Hygiene’.Essay contest
6th September, 2017Road cleaning DayClean road
7th September, 2017Training on Garbage cleaning systemsTraining about the system of Garbage cleaning
8th September, 2017Wall writing on cleanlinessWall writing
9th September, 2017Visit & survey market to study the systems of cleaningMarket survey
10th September, 2017Visit & survey to the Govt. Hospital to study the hygiene and systems for disposal of garbage and hospital wasteHospital Survey
11th September, 2017Visit orphan homeVisit Orphanage
12th September, 2017Debriefing session/ seminar on cleanliness with the commissioner/ local bodySeminar on Cleaning
13th September, 2017Contest of cleaningCleaning contest
14th September, 2017 Elocution contest on ‘health and hygiene is the real wealth’.Elocution contest
15th September, 2017Closing ceremony for distribution of Prize and certificatePrize distribution

Program Officer – 
Ms. Babli Sarkar

General Programmes-                                                                                                                                                                 

 NSS of kalyani Mahavidyalaya unit  different service programmes throughout the year 2017-18 as follows:                                                               

Tree plantation programme, Blood Donation Camp, Blood Group detection Camp, Thalasemia detection camp,  Cancer Awareness Seminar, observation of Independence Day  etc.