Class Room

The College provides energy efficient classrooms with LED lights, adequate sitting arrangements, large green boards etc. All the rooms are equipped with big windows with controls temperature and ventilation, and to provide a healthier classroom environment. The laboratories are equipped with all necessary instruments and efficient lab assistants to make learning effective. All the lab-based departments have been provided with LCD projectors and Integrated Computers which further facilitate the interactive learning process among the students. Science departments are provided with whiteboards in place of blackboards to limit the chalk pollution.

Recently Kalyani Mahavidyalaya has set up a virtual classroom on the 2nd floor. Almost all the classrooms are made ICT enabled for the lecture. All the departments are being advised to deliver few lectures through ICT during a week. The college encourages the faculty to continuously develop skills and knowledge on the latest developments in their respective fields. To adopt new and innovative approaches, the institution has organized the workshop on ICT training and encourages the faculty members to attend such workshops and short-term courses organized by different universities in this regard. 

Images of Class Rooms-