Our institution nurtures seven departments (Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Microbiology, Molecular Biology & Biotechnology, Computer Science, Geography) that require laboratory facility. The furnishing and decorations of laboratories are at par the scientific standard and safety guidelines as applicable in every subject concerned. Laboratories are equipped with Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Facilities including computers, projectors, and high-speed internet. A permanent whiteboard and screen are there to assist teaching and demonstration in most of the laboratories. 

As a part of internal documentation procedure, all departments maintain separate stock registers of consumables, glassware, and instruments in due format. Departments maintain a complete list of laboratory asset. A regular assessment and monitoring of electrical and mechanical components are done both individually by the department and centrally by the respective authorized body of the college. All high-end instruments of the laboratories are covered under Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) by the college authority.

As a part of fire safety, all laboratories are inspected and accredited by the Government Fire Brigade for fire safety. Working and well-maintained fire extinguishers are installed in every laboratory. A regular fire safety drill and training are done by the local fire brigade. We maintain the biosafety standards in all biology laboratories. All laboratories are equipped with separate waste disposal systems for Biodegradable, non-biodegradable and biohazard substances.

As part of the internal quality development program, we train our laboratory staffs and attendants on a regular basis. We always encourage interdisciplinary sharing of laboratory facilities to enrich the academic and human resources.  The college has recently developed a digitized language laboratory with audio-visual facility to aid the teaching of modern languages.

Images of Laboratory Rooms-