ICT Enabled Rooms

ICT Facility

ICT Facilities- 

Keeping pace with the age of Information & Communication Technology assisted teaching, digital learning and e-resource enabled knowledge sharing, the institute has provided a comprehensive computer facility to individual departments and in a centralized manner.

All departments are equipped with separate computer facilities and every department are given with a Laptop computer and projector to facilitate ICT based teaching and learning. The college has a central computer laboratory beside the computer science laboratory. This laboratory supports many other departments such as Statistics, Molecular Biology & Biotechnology etc to complete their part of the curriculum that needs specific software and use of computers.

All computers are maintained under a centralized AMC and are regularly updated with original antivirus and anti-malware software. All computers use original windows and other upgraded software. All computers under this facility are equipped with software that aid the teaching of modern courses such as Bioinformatics.

The college organizes basic computer application training modules to enable students in computer use.

Images of ICT Enabled Rooms-